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Brian DeMaria


Your visit to my web site is the reason for its existence - welcome and Thank You for dropping in!

Here you will find information on me, and my new international techno-thriller, Cartel of Terror. 

You will get to know, special projects director, Chris Rossi, who is one of those rare individuals, that gets problems solved. His skills are as unique, as is the company he is employed by, Global Con Industries; a corporation so large, that it has its own private intelligence branch. The company is controled  by its owner, Britton Alexander, who does not hesitate to roll-out his private covert special forces to stop evil and protect the innocent when governments fail to do so.   

Thank you for coming! Check back often, the next adventure of Rossi’s picks-up where this one left off.


“I found your novel (Cartel of Terror) to be terrific, tight, and suspenseful to very end.  Well done!” Paul McCarthy, Editor for several New York Times #1 authors.  

Agent Contact:

Jeanie Loiacono
Loiacono Literary Agency, LLC
448 Lacebark Dr.
Irving, Texas 75063



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